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How to Set Up and Take Down Your Booth: CoLab Market

Markets are a great opportunity for vendors. Whether you are trying out a new idea, or you have an established business and are looking to build on your brand, CoLab Market is for you! Markets are a unique way to engage directly with your customers and let them know about what you offer. You might not make every sale, but by letting someone know about the products and services you offer, you are building your customer base and growing your business.

In order to set yourself up for success, we have put together tips on how you can make the best out of your market experience.

All markets are set up a little differently and there are likely a few requirements for each event. At CoLab Market, vendors will be set up under an individual or shared 10-foot x 10-foot tent and an 8-foot or 4-foot table. We hope you will see this as a blank canvas and feel inspired by all the possibilities of what you can do to make your booth your own!

Bring Banners and Signage

It is important to decide on your signage before the event. There are lots of great signage options available at various costs (vinyl, chalk board, poster board, etc.). One of the advantages to vinyl is that it is appropriate for various weather conditions and is easy to pack up and set up without damage.

If you are thinking of participating in several market events, it might be worth it to invest in a vinyl banner.

A vinyl banner for the front of your tent is usually 9 feet wide and 9 inches high. You can keep it simple with your name and product. You can usually fasten it to the top front of your tent with short bungee cords. Make sure you also bring tape, ties, scissors, or any other items you may need to secure your signage.

You can also have a bigger vinyl banner hung at the back of your booth. It can be 9 feet wide and 4 feet high. Remember to use short bungee cords to hang it. And bring tent weights in case of a windy day. They can be homemade or DIY but need to be heavy enough and placed correctly to hold down your tent in case of strong wind.


If this is your first time at a market, do a test run at home to see how much time you will need to set up your booth and if you run into any problems. Try practicing how to set up your booth before market day including your banner and display to the extent that you can. Go ahead and take pictures of it and look at it closely. Ask yourself: would an 8-year old know what you are selling, and how to buy from you? Make any adjustments you think would help identify your business.

Also practice loading your equipment and inventory into your vehicle to make sure it all fits and fragile items won’t get broken in transit.


Take a moment to read the market rules beforehand.

  • Make sure you know what time to arrive, where to unload and where to park.

  • Do your best to arrive early.

  • Be sure to know how much time you have to set up.

Load in times at CoLab Market are between 9 am and 10:30 am. The market will open at 11 am, but it is a good idea to have your booth set up and ready to go for about 10:45 am so that you have a few minutes to settle in before a busy day.

It might be worth it to invest in a foldable cart or dolly. Having a set of wheels will help you load in and out quickly.

Unload and Set Up

Make sure you know what booth you have been assigned.

  • Unload all of your items beside your booth in a tidy way and then move your car.

  • Make sure you don’t block the view of your neighbouring vendors with your signage or display.

  • Organize your booth so you can keep all of your business within your booth space.

Stay Organized

Throughout the day, you will want to make sure you are maintaining the cleanliness and organization of your booth. This shouldn’t require much work, but it is important to take note if anything needs attending to. Keep a schedule so you know when you take a break.

  • Have a place to stash your lunch, water bottles and anything else you don’t want shoppers to see as they walk by.

  • Have a place for your customers to set down their coffee if they want to check your product.

Take Down

  • Bring a small broom so you can tidy up your space after the market had closed.

  • Take down your booth only after the market has closed or when the market manager says you can take down your booth.

  • Pack your inventory, stack everything neatly and then bring your car around once the market manager has determined that it’s safe.

We want to make sure that all market guests have a great experience. Whether a guest comes to the market right at open or just before close, the market should be an active, fun, and engaging event. It is important to be ready for open, and stay open until it’s time to close up shop for the day, at 5 pm.

Did you find this useful? For more information, check out our Resources.

How to Set Up and Take Down Your Booth Feb 2022
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