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How to Create Your Display: CoLab Market

Markets are a great opportunity for vendors. Whether you are trying out a new idea, or you have an established business and are looking to build on your brand, CoLab Market is for you! Markets are a unique way to engage directly with your customers and let them know about what you offer. You might not make every sale, but by letting someone know about the products and services you offer, you are building your customer base and growing your business.

In order to set yourself up for success, we have put together tips on how you can make the best out of your market experience.

At CoLab Market, you will be provided with a 4-foot or 8-foot table. There are many options for how you can make this table and surrounding space personalized to your business while creating an exciting and welcoming space for market guests. You will want to draw attention (and hopefully a crowd!) to your booth. Consider these steps to ensure you have a booth that people will stop at.

We encourage all vendors to personalize their display and make it represent their brand personality.

Create Visual Appeal

Think about adding images, bright colours, or anything you feel might help your booth stand out. You can use tablecloths or burlap in colours that emphasize your brand. To create visual appeal, consider creating different levels to display your items. Use high and low visuals like baskets or crates to display your products at varying heights to keep shoppers’ eyes moving. Let people know what you are selling and why they should come over to check out your products.

Be Organized

Make sure to provide any tools or accessories that customers will need. If you are selling jewelry, have a mirror and properly sanitize between use. People will likely move items around at your booth, so between visits do a quick check and tidy up and organize your booth as needed. And remember, people will be more inclined to take photos and post to social media if you have a well presented and visually appealing booth.=

Advertise Clearly

One of the most important components of your display is to clearly advertise what you are selling. This can be achieved by using clear signage at your booth. Let people know what it is you are selling and why they should come over to check out your products.

Markets are a great opportunity to get the word out about your business and products, so make sure you clearly advertise yourself and let customers know how to find your business outside of the market. If you have business cards, hand them out. As we know, social media is a great tool to advertise and have people follow along as your business grows, so make sure to display your social media handles.

You can also create a free QR code at your booth to link right to your social media page so that people can follow you with ease. Use a free QR code generator such as to set up a code for your booth. Keep in mind free QR codes have an expiration date- so make sure it works on market day!

You can link a QR code to your website or social media page so your customers can have quick access to your business pages.

Display the Price

Every item should have a price tag that the shopper can see. It is important to display the cost of your products as customers will want to know this information and it will likely affect their decisions of whether to buy. Some people might not feel comfortable asking, or you might be busy talking to other shoppers. You can miss out on a sale because of this, and it can also lead to a less welcoming and accessible space.

Show Abundance

It is also important to make sure that your display is abundant, as customers will not want to buy leftovers or the last items. Make sure to check your display regularly to make sure your inventory is topped up.

When thinking about how to plan your display, check out other local markets. Take note of what you think worked, and what could have improved your overall experience and bring this expertise to your own booth!

Did you find this useful? For more information, check out our Resources.

How to Create Your Display Feb 2022
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