Since 1980, Lamenza Corporation has been creating spaces for local entrepreneurs that turn into vibrant places for the local community by fostering the integration of diverse and inclusive local culture and commerce.


Black Lives Matter. Part of our 

work to support Black, Indigenous and other people of colour is to listen more, and recognise our contributions to maintaining 

systemic racism.


We strive to be partners in the push for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Core Values

One of the things we do best here at Lamenza Corporation is to start conversations and listen to other perspectives that can guide us through the work we have ahead of us. We have built relationships based on our core values.

Collaboration - Communicate openly, share knowledge, and learn from each other to realize common goals.

Accountability - Take responsibility for our actions and decisions. Make right what we need to correct.

Respect Appreciate the humanity in others by the strength of our individual commitment and the force of our collective action. 

Integrity - Be honest, truthful and purposeful in our intentions and actions.

Quality - Set high standards and aim to exceed the expectations of our community. Be the best we can be.

Innovation - Turn ideas onto solutions that create positive change for us and our community.