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Starting an Internship During the Pandemic

Hi! My name is Cole. I'm a student currently enrolled in the Interaction Design program at Sheridan College. I'd been eager to find an internship placement that provided real-world experience and the opportunity to work, learn, and improve upon my career skills.

While most of my previous positions have been in the area of sales and retail, I've been doing freelance and commission work including visual design, video editing, and web design as well as consultation for over 5 years. I enjoy working freelance as I like to be hands-on with my work and I appreciate the valuable feedback.

Because of COVID-19, it had been a rough and uncertain path to get to the place that I'm at now. Many companies turned me down as a direct result of the pandemic and left me feeling hopeless. Countless people in my college program, myself included, felt lost and anxious about where we would end up in this strange time. The only advice that I could give myself was- don't give up!


During this period, I really came to understand the necessity of good communication. We all want to be in the loop and get our point across, right? I've always been a creative type and love to expand my knowledge and skills.

According to the Adobe Creative Type test, I'm assigned as a "Thinker". Try the test yourself! You might learn something new about the way you approach and overcome challenges.

It's fun, quick, and may help you realize some of your strengths and complementary teammates.


I was happy to have been given an opportunity to do an internship placement at Lamenza Corporation as their new Digital Marketing Assistant! Having the chance to work on unique, interesting, and community-driven projects gets me excited about the road ahead. I hope to be able to aid Lamenza in creating an engaging and relevant online presence.

I'm aiming to be a communication resource at Lamenza Corporation. You can expect to hear more from me in the coming months and I look forward to hearing feedback from you along the way!

Thanks for reading!

Wish me luck!

Cole M.


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