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Lavinia Lamenza

CEO and President

Meet Lavinia, an entrepreneurial feminist and arty gurl who channeled her past work with youth and her passion for placemaking into her family business, pivoting it into a social purpose real estate company. Despite being an avowed introvert, Lavinia thrives on creating places and spaces where other local entrepreneurs, creatives, changemakers and innovators can find a community and create a legacy for their venture.


Otherwise, she’s addicted to podcasts and likes to think she could be a basketball referee in another life.

Sheri Alchorn

Finance Manager

Sheri Alchorn leads our financial forecasting and planning including our community investment initiatives. Prior to this, Sheri worked with both for-profit and non-profit organizations such as: McMaster University, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Herbal Bud and the Brampton Board of Trade among others. Sheri has helped client organizations create strategic plans, implement mission-based budgeting, and has provided financial guidance to support organizational initiatives. You can expect 100% transparency, a flexible attitude and a lot of integrity when working with Sheri.


Sheri is a cat-lover, a student mentor and an avid body builder that hails from New Brunswick.

Sonal Dalvi

Office Manager

Sonal draws on the experience she had at her first job in Canada as a customer service rep to manage all of Lamenza’s IT needs. As our Office Manager, her work forms an invisible backbone to our day-to-day operations. Her positive attitude allows her to take the lead in building our student mentorship program by forging relationships with local educational institutions.


Sonal is otherwise an active member of her South Asian business community in the GTHA, and increasingly an advocate for mental health issues. She has been known on occasion to emcee a community event or to pinch-hit as a back-up dancer to a Bhangra tune.

Carmela Di Maria

Property Manager

Much like Marisa Tomei’s character, Mona Lisa, in My Cousin Vinny, Carmela was drawn to being a property manager since her family has long worked in the asphalt business. “You could say I know a lot about surfacing a parking lot.” Before working at Lamenza, Carmela worked at the Gottardo Group, the United Jewish Appeal and at Yorkdale Shopping Centre with Oxford Properties. While at Yorkdale, she also got the opportunity to be a personal shopper. “I love a good deal.”


At Lamenza, Carmela shares the attitude that we're all in this together, especially when things get tough, and are working toward a common goal. Then again, Carmela is always up for a challenge.

Janie Drozda Drake


Janie likes to bring a bit of glitz to her work as our financial accountant, as well as her dog, Brandy, when she can. “She keeps me young.” But recognition and glam aren’t everything to Janie. Her work at Lamenza requires a lot of investigation and applied math, which can be boring to some but are interesting to her. Janie appreciates the nurturing environment at Lamenza where you collaborate with people you trust and care about. She also likes to figure out ways to support tenants who are going through tough times financially. Janie’s friendly and outgoing personality allow her to make tenants and members feel cared for.


Living only 15 minutes away, Janie has become our office pinch-hitter, holding down the fort during bad weather and coming in to assist someone during off-hours when we need it.

Farah Hossain

Community Manager

Farah is all about creating connections.  She comes from a community development and event planning background which allows her to juggle many different balls all at once. She has a personable and approachable style, and her goal is to encourage the Lamenza family – company and community – to thrive together in a mutually beneficial manner. 


When she’s not at work, Farah runs around after her super-active toddler and thinks coffee should come in IV format.

Virgilio Rodrigues

Maintenance Supervisor

From an early age, Virgilio loved to take apart anything with motorized components to figure out how it worked. Not surprisingly, he now oversees all our building maintenance. With his understated approach, Virgilio is the face-to-face contact for tenants and community members. His top priority is to engage with them, keep them safe, and ensure they are satisfied. Virgilio also enjoys the opportunity to mentor our students, showing them that maintenance is a viable career option.


Virgilio loves collecting vintage comics and records and being a hands-on father to his son.

Shonese Wallace Morgan

Property Coordinator

Shonese’s flexible and collaborative approach are what help her stay on top of our day-to-day operational activities where she does something in every department. Shonese enjoys learning new things, which is a must-have attribute in this role, so she recently taught herself to code which she does in her spare time. At Lamenza, she enjoys the opportunity to create personal connections with colleagues and community members and wants to foster our community development initiatives.

Shonese loves a good snack and considers herself a chip connoisseur currently preferring the British brand Walkers cheese and onion flavour although this may change according to the season.