Janelle LeBlanc

U4IK Ltd., Burlington

"I want to thank you again for being so helpful and cooperative. It means more to me than you will ever know especially as we work our way through these challenging times. I have heard many horror stories about landlords not being cooperative with their tenants and the added level of frustration for business. What you/Lamenza is doing will go a very long way with tenants. Many, many thanks."

Local Entrepreneur

Arthur Kwiatkowski

Empire Production Studios Inc., Burlington

“We are extremely thankful for the support from Lamenza Corporation during this difficult time. As a new business which started in January 2020, it has been an extremely difficult time for us and the understanding and support we received is giving us a chance to continue to operate and grow as a business during these uncertain times.”

Local Entrepreneur

Sasha Brunet

DCR Tae Kwon Do, Burlington

"Thank you for all the help over the last few years! And a huge thank you for being so understanding this year. 2020 really took a toll on all of us. This is the first time that we’ve faced hardship together. The fact that you specifically thought about us several times during this difficult period really shows character. It makes me proud and comfortable to be working with a company with such high morals and integrity. Hopefully 2021 brings back some normalcy into our lives." (December 2020)

Local Entrepreneur

Joanna Bonoan

Digital Enterprise Management, University of Toronto, Mississauga

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of Lamenza Corporation these past several months.  I am so grateful for the time, effort and passion that has been shared with me." (March 2020)


Jerome Smith

Monarch Basketball, Mississauga

“On behalf of the Monarchs organization, we would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship and support you provided to give back to all the youth and parents involved.  Monarchs families enjoyed our first community Monarchs Day. Thank you for your help in making it a success and your scholarship to two deserving Monarch players.” (September 2019)

Community Member

Joe Sormaz

Great British Vape Co., Mississauga

"We appreciate your company for participating in the [Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance] program giving our business the needed relief."

Local Entrepreneur


Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga

"We salute Lamenza Corporation for their generosity and commitment. An investment in Habitat for Humanity Halton Mississauga makes an immediate and visible difference in the lives of the families who are forever changed.” (October 2019)

Community Member

Dr. Nicholas Ng

Mint Dental Clinic, Burlington

"We are happy to be amongst a great group of tenants in a great facility. We appreciate the management and the direction that Lamenza has brought on as a family owned property."

Local Entrepreneur

Gayle Kabbash

“We are grateful for your kindness and caring for others. Together, we have a huge impact on the children we support." (January 2021)

Community Member